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About Us

At Blue Lake Y Swim Club, our goal is to provide a fun and inclusive environment for swimmers of all levels. Since our formation in 1980, we have been committed to helping swimmers become happy and healthy individuals, who are confident, focused and self-motivated. We encourage our swimmers to take on challenges, push their limits and reach their full potential. Our coaches are dedicated to providing swimmers with the necessary skills, techniques, and support they need to succeed in and out of the pool.

We encourage all swimmers to strive for excellence and develop an "attitude to achieve" by focusing on improvements in personal best times and attainment of personal goals.

Join us today and become a part of our community of confident, focused and self-motivated swimmers.


Meet Our Coaching Team

Jaime Spicer

Head Coach

Mia Kleinig

Assistant Coach

Jamie MacDonald

Assistant Coach

Phil Lowe

Assistant Coach

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