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Our Story

A Proud History of Success

Our History

Blue Lake Y Swim Club has been a cornerstone of the Mount Gambier swimming community since its inception in 1980, with a small group of 15 swimmers. Over the past 43 years, our club has grown steadily, reaching between 50 to 60 dedicated members by the mid-90s. We owe our longevity and success to the commitment of our volunteer members, including a dedicated committee, a supportive team of parents, coaching assistants, officials, and, of course, our talented swimmers.

Our name, Blue Lake Y Swim Club, reflects our rich history. We adopted the "Y" in our name when the Mount Gambier YMCA closed its doors, as a tribute to our heritage and the enduring values it represents.


A Legacy of Excellence

Throughout our history, the Blue Lake Y Swim Club has achieved numerous milestones. In 1981, we were honoured with the title of Club of the Year, a testament to our commitment to excellence. At the Country Championships, our swimmers secured the prestigious Advertiser Shield for an impressive nine consecutive years, from 1985 to 1993. During this time, we held 64 state Country records, both in individual and team events. Our success continued with podium finishes at the SA State Championships.

Notably, ten of our swimmers have represented us at the Australian National Championships, showcasing their dedication and skill on the national stage: Janelle Snell, Allan Bilney, Brett Klieve, Damien Burns, Karen McNamara, Sharon Klieve, Tracey Stevens, Henry Crauford and Thomas Bignell. Brett has been the Club's longest serving swimmer, competing at an amazing 21 consecutive Country Championships from 1982-2003, and again in 2023. 


Nurturing Young Talent

Our commitment to developing swimming talent extends beyond the pool. Many of our members have been selected to represent the SA State SAPSASA swim team, competing at events such as the Pacific School Games and the SAPSASA interchange competition held throughout Australia. We've also supported young people with disabilities, with Sheena Wood competing at the National Wheelchair Games, and Kristen Tredrea swimming at Inter-district meets.

Hosting Prestigious Events

We take pride in our role as event hosts and have successfully organized the Country Championships in Mount Gambier on five occasions, in 1988, 1993, 2003, 2009, and 2015. These events not only showcase our city but also reflect our commitment to promoting swimming excellence within the community.

As we celebrate our rich history, we remain committed to nurturing the talents of swimmers young and old, promoting a love for the water, and fostering a sense of community among our members. Join us at Blue Lake Y Swim Club, where the legacy of dedication, excellence, and inclusivity continues to thrive.



Life Members

Meet Our Life Members

Steve and Elizabeth Whelan

Heather and Ray Klieve

Charles Wilson Smith

Sue and Eski Freeman

Julie and Graham Roginson

Lee and Ian Humphries

Rocco Bueti

Murray Whelan

Brett Klieve

Viviene Peate

Janet Phillips

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